Flora Borvina, Kosovian peace activist.

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Flora Brovina is one of the most famous Kosovian peace activists of her time. Born in 1949 in the town of Skënderaj in the Drenica valley of Kosovo, Brovina was moved to Prishtina where she was raised with excellent schooling. She studied medicine heavily in Middle School and High School, and specialized in the careful and noble art of Pediatrics during her 4-year stay at the Zagreb University. After finishing her intensive studies at Zagreb …

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…by Brovina. UNIFEM, the United Nations Development Fund for Women, gracefully honored Brovina with the Millennium Peace Prize, the highest title that is only awarded to a single person every five years. Brovina, although receiving many honorary awards, still remains honest at heart and performs her actions for the good of the people. She will always be remembered as a savior to the Kosovian people, and they will always be thankful for her anti-oppressive stances.