Flight I Am A Man

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Becoming a man could not always be pinned down to a certain age. A boy becomes a man when there arises a need. In Flight, Pepe is forced into manhood too soon. When Pepe is sent to town by his mother to perform his first "labor", it does not seem like it is such a big thing to ask. Yes, Pepe is proud, because this is the first time Mama has ever given him any …

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…deed, and now there is no other way to prove he is a man. He felt hopeless in this life, but gains a hope as he gazes into heaven, prays, and stands tall to allow his stalkers to do the job they came to do. Pepe is no longer weak or lazy, as his mother used to teasingly say. No, now he is the "fine and brave" man his mama always believed him to be.