Five Ripe Pears and On Morality

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Morality is, in essence, subjugated by he who defines it. This being the case, morality (defined as right or wrong, good or evil) is malleable as long as it does not impede upon any “ipso facto virtue”(Didion). In the essay “On Morality”, by Joan Didion, this aspect ‘on morality’ is composed. This will be utilized to verify that William Saroyan’s (author of “Five Ripe Pears) guilt of an immoral action is conflicting given …

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…knowingly recognized that repercussion of his action before doing acting). Verdict: Guilty as charged. In a few words, Didion’s morality makes Saroyan guilty because of the pain he endured because of his taking of the five ripe pears. Whether or not he stole the pears (and deserved the beating) is a substandard to whether or not someone was hurt by stealing them. Given that Saroyan was hurt he is blameworthy of an immoral action.