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There is evidence of Finland being inhabited as early as 10.000 years ago. Those inhabitant`s main occupation was hunting and fishing. They came to Finland by different routes - through Karelia and over the sea from the west and the south. There are many language groups: the Finnish, the Finnish Swedish (coastal area, the Åland islands), the Lapps (Lapland) and the Romany. There are two official languages in Finland - Finnish and Swedish. At present …

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…the whole family. You can sleep in a tent, caravan, mobile home or a cabin on a camping site. There are about 340 camping sites, all with cooking facilities (electric or gas cooker or a wood-burning stove) and washing rooms. Most camping sites have a sauna, access to a beach, boating and fishing facilities, children`s playground and various other recreational facilities. The camping sites can be found under the entries of the municipalities Bibliography none