Film Review (The Money Pit)

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Film Review (The Money Pit) The Money Pit is a love comedy directed by Richard Benjamin in 1986. This movie was performed humorously by Tom Hanks who usually perform comedy. The movies he has performed before were The Man with One Red Shoe, Splash, Bachlor and etc. Tom Hanks and Shelley Long play Anna and Walter, a young couple just married. They spend most of their time dealing with managing their new house. The performed the …

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…by a humorous technique, to show the love of a new couple. The conflict that created by Max was easily, and could really happen to young couples who have unstable love or have just entered a marriage. This movie is fit for young couples who in the summer age group. One special thing I like this movie is its music, it sound pretty active and full of liveliness, just like people during the summer age.