Fenstad's Mother

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In Fenstadís Mother, by Charles Baxter, character is a very essential element to the story. The main character, Harry Fenstad, is a complicated person, but it is his mother, Mrs. Clara Fenstad, who I feel is a more important and complex person. In this brief paper, I will explain why it is my opinion that both of these characters play a crucial role in the story by complementing and developing each otherís character. …

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…my thesis, the two characters complement and develop each other. They are mother and son, so naturally they have some qualities that are alike. The character traits that are different are still similar. Each one is set in their own ways. Mrs. Fenstad believes in sacrificing the self for the good of humanity, Fenstad is more personally goal-oriented. They work well together, though. They make each other think about the different possibilities that life holds.