Feminist Critique of The Bell Jar

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Have you ever judged someone negatively just because they weren't like you? There are probably not very many people in this world that can truthfully answer "no" to this question. Everyday, especially in environments such as schools, people are labeled "weird" or "different" because of the clothes that they wear, or the activities that they are involved in, or the way they act. Boys judge other boys, girls judge other girls, and of course both …

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…The reader never discovers whether or not Esther returns to the real world, as the final page ends with her entering an interview with the doctors that could possibly result in her release. But whether or not Esther returns to the outside world or remains at Belsize, is irrelevant. No matter where she lives she is likely to feel the same as she does at the end of the book, like herself, like Esther Greenwood.