Federalists vs Antifederalists

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Federalists vs. Antifederalists To amend the Articles of Confederation, unanimous approval by all thirteen colonies was a necessity. Instead of reforming the preexisting document, it was decided that once approved by nine states, a newly written document would become the supreme law of the land. Framers of the constitution were voted on by the individual colonies to amend the existing law, the Articles of Confederation, but instead, created something entirely different altogether. They wrote the …

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…itís own. North Carolina and Rhode Island were the last two states to agree. They did so, unwillingly, only after the new government had been in effect for several months. Although no one died because of the Antifederalists-Federalist battle, it was very heated and involved many riots and disagreements. The last four states to ratify did so involuntarily because they knew that in order to survive; they needed to be part of the union.