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FEAR Recently, earthquakes have hit many places like, Kobe, Greece, Turkey and Taiwan. Moreover, some scientists predict that a huge earthquake will hit the Tokai area and it will have enough power to destroy the Tokyo area. I fear earthquakes for 3 reasons: anticipation of disaster, being on the point of death in the rubble, and becoming injured or sick. First, when any size earthquake hits, even a small one, I feel fear because my mind …

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…I survive the earthquake itself, there will still be other situations to survive, so I still fear earthquakes. Recently, some scientists have said that they can foretell an earthquake, but the actual foretelling of the situation is difficult. In fact, unpredicted earthquakes have hit many places and thousands of people have been killed. When I think about these earthquake situations, I feel scared because I think I might have the same experience sooner or later.