Fawlty Towers Vs Commedia

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The aim of this essay is to examine the drama elements used in “Faulty Towers” and to compare and contrast this British comedy with the Italian street theatre, Commedia Dell ‘arte. “Faulty Towers” episode “Kipper and the Corpse” uses many of the same comical devices as Commedia. This drama is based in a hotel and focuses on the misfortunes of the owners and the staff as they try to run this business. There are four …

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…whereas Commedia was produced for the Live street theatre medium. There is higher status shown toward the female characters in “Faulty Towers.” The setting in “Faulty Towers” is a lot more modern compared to Commedia. I believe that these two comedies are very similar in the way that the characters are produced. Both of these styles of genre contain exaggeration, double meanings and sexual innuendo. Both of these comedies provide an immense amount of entertainment.