Fate or Free Will in Beowolf

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Beowulf's Fate or Free Will Lori Mixon In the epic Beowulf translated by Burton Raffel fate plays a major role in the characters lives. Characters allow fate to influence them and how they go about doing things. But is it really fate or peoples tendencies to do what they chose too. " Fate saves the living when they drive death away by themselves."(Pg. 9) Is fate what brought Beowulf to prevail over Grendal? " The monster would …

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…and is though to be a hero because of his courage. He saved the city because he used his free will to kill the monster when he was the one who was supposed to die. Beowulf died because of fate but it was his free will that saved the city and the people. So Beowulf used both to prevail as a warrior and a king who was loved and feared by his people. Bibliography Beowolf,