Farewell My Concubine -- Interpretation of the Movie

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Farewell My Concubine is a strikingly beautiful tale about love and betrayal, of not only individuals but also a country and its culture. The story spans fifty years, as China's turbulent history is the counterpart and contributing factor to the relationships between two young opera stars and a prostitute who changes her life and gets herself involved in a complicated triangle of love and betrayal. The times of the Cultural Revolution in China puts pressure …

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…her, and never had any love for her in the first place. Betrayed, Juxian then kills herself. Finally, the story returns to the opening court scene, where Cheng performs “Farewell My Concubine” one last time with Duan then kills himself with the sword that has been in so many hands throughout the story. Duan stands contemplating above Cheng' s dead body. The utmost theme again, is love and betrayal between the once closely bonded characters.