Family In Focus.

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Anthony Harte Family In Focus In today's modern western society most people are born into and brought up by a 'family'. It seems normal, familiar and a natural part of life's progression that most of these people will on to get married and have children of their own. This is reinforced by mass media, through the press i.e. 'Posh and Becks', advertisements i.e. cars and holidays and soaps i.e. Eastenders and The …

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…both parents needing to work to support growing needs. The importance of new reproductive technologies will increase, while ethical concerns will inevitably hinder the process, the methods will continue to alter traditional perceptions of parenthood and family. It can be said therefore that families are only as important as the individuals within them, and the family will still be an issue for debate despite of, and because of, the many key changes still taking place.