Exploring the Novel Sula By Toni Morrison

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A Strong Woman is Outcast Melody Carter Women in 20th Cen. Lit. Prof. Fiona Paton Paper 2- Nov 10, 2000 In the novel Sula, by Toni Morrison we follow the life of Sula Peace through out her childhood in the twenties until her death in 1941. The novel surrounds the black community in Medallion, specifically "the bottom". By reading the story of Sulaís life, and the life of the community in the bottom, Morrison shows us the …

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…you like, taking what you want, leaving what you donít." (p2057). Throughout the novel however, that is exactly what Sula does. She attempts to live her life the most free she can. Free from the social norms of a patriarchal community who sees a woman solely in relationship to a man. If a woman doesnít have a relationship with a man and take up socially accepted responsibilities, she is seen as evil, inconceivable.