Explication of Lord Byron's She Walks With Beauty

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Explication of Lord Byron’s “She Walks In Beauty” Lord George Gordon Noel Byron, or Lord Byron as he preferred to be called, was a known philanderer with an insatiable appetite. In letters to Percy Shelley, he told of short-lived romances with women he claimed did not understand the wants and needs of men. One of these women was Lady Caroline Lamb, who he found only physically attractive, and soon grew tired of her because …

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…a great deal of his adult life in search of the perfect woman. A woman with the same gentleness and mysteriousness as the one he described in his poem. It was not a coincidence that the qualities he described were the same as those he longed to find, instead, it was completely intentional. Lord Byron’s “She Walks In Beauty” is a poem where Lord Byron describes what he considers to be the perfect woman.