Expansion of the piedmont Triangle International Airport

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Expansion of the Piedmont Triangle International Airport <Tab/>There has been much controversy involving the changes that are soon to come to the Triad involving its political growth and economy. While some argue that the major change ill greatly boost our economy, others argue it will only make out economy worst. Fed Ex wants to open a 500 million dollar hub by the year 2009 that would eventually run 126 flights in and out …

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…owned by FedEx, but by the airport. The hub will be leased to FedEx meaning if they should decide to pack up and relocate, taxpayers will be stuck paying for this multimillion dollar complex. FedEx decided to locate in the Triad area in hopes of boosting a slowly growing economy and possibly bringing new businesses to an area in need. Despite their good intentions, Fed Ex has brought nothing but turmoil to the triad area.