Existentialism in The Invisible Man and The Stranger

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Existentialism is a concept that is often explored in works of literature as a way of displaying a characterís interaction with society. Existentialism is defined as: "an introspective humanism or theory of man that holds that human existence is not exhaustively describable or understandable in either scientific or idealistic terms and relies upon a phenomeno-logical approach that emphasizes the analysis of critical borderline situations in a manís life and especially of such intensely …

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…else and thus cannot justify making a decision that would better suit society or would more adequately fulfill a responsibility. Meursault and invisible man led lives whoís paths were similar in that the choices made were a direct result of an existential way of life. The main difference was invisible manís heightened level of responsibility which gave him a more human personality while Meursaultís compulsive, instinctive nature made his character less believable.