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Existentialism is an effort to describe rational behaviors and thoughts in an irrational universe. Three stories that show this relationship to existentialism are "The Metamorphosis," "The Hunger Artist," and "The Trial." Each of these three stories can be categorized as existentialism. Some of the primary features of these writings and existentialism are that the main character is emotionless, while everyone else in the stories acts as though they were normal to the reader. These stories …

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…of the proper communication skills, but it is all of the other characters in the story that don't quite come through on that part. The characters are deliberately acting mysterious and keeping information out of Joseph's hands. Whatever answers they give are vague and don't explain everything that Joseph asked. With "The Metamorphosis" Gregor initially tries to explain to his family what has happened and that it wasn't as huge a problem as it seemed.