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Excellence Redefined The 1980s has been called the me generation, the decade of materialism, and was responsible for the greatest number of mergers and takeovers in the history of the US market. People were transformed by the power of money, and tried to take advantage of the opportunities in the stock market. The stock market has never guaranteed a profit, but there were those willing to take the risk. People have lost millions from speculating …

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…of work into it. However, the only way to make it easily is by hurting others, forgetting who you are, and by putting your character at risk. In Do the Right Thing, there was a descending spiral that only resulted in destruction of all. Well, I see the same thing in Wall Street. Boesky lost, Milken lost, Gekko lost, Bud Fox lost, Buds dad lost, and worst of all, humanity lost in the 1980s.