Examine the social conditions in mid to late eighteenth century Britain

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The decision to colonise New South Wales in the late 18th century was influence by a number of social and political situations, which developed throughout Britain in the 18th century. The British society was dramatically changing due to the Industrial Revolution, soaring birth rates and higher age of death. The dramatic rise in the birth rate led to a lot of people being unable to find work and in desperation turning to crime. In 1776, Britain …

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…protect the property of the rich – many resulting in capital conviction, which were commuted to transportation. After losing America in 1776 as a place to send their convicts, Britain started to experience overflowing jails. The amount of convicts waiting for transportation forced Britain’s hand to make a decision on where to send their convicts. Finally Britain made the decision to colonise New South Wales and also use it as an isolated prison for their convicts.