Examination of the Reasons For Esther`s suicide Attempt in The Bell Jar

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Examine the various reasons for Esther`s suicide attempts in The bell Jar. One of the main reasons why Esther tried to commit suicide was the way she perceived her mother's actions, and the fact that she hates her mother: `"I hate her", I said, and waited for the blow to fall.` she obviously believes that hating her mother is wrong, as she expected the doctor to react negatively to her comment. Throughout the novel, …

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…her perfectionist outlook; her inferiority complex; that fact that she was denied the right to say goodbye to her father; the way she perceives her mother's attitude towards her; the relationships with men which have failed. However, I believe that all her problems stem from her father's death and her mother's way of dealing with his death. I believe these are the main factors which caused her severe depression, which lead to her suicide attempts.