Evolution of British Literature

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Evolution of British Literature The historical events and mentality of a time period are a major influence on the context and style of that particular times literature. British Literature experienced many metamorphoses through the year’s 449-1660. The literature traveled through four distinct periods. Beginning with the Anglo-Saxons moving through the medieval and Renaissance periods and ending with the writings of the 17th century. The Anglo-Saxons were the beginning of British Literature. The Anglo-Saxons began …

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…Milton pushed ahead and had the manuscripts published. The different kinds of literature portrayed during the years 440-1660 evolved from long, narrative, oral poetry to tightly structured sonnets and allegories that have more than one primitive meaning. With the pendulum swinging back and forth from liberal to conservative, the peoples’ mind frame was depicted. The history greatly influenced the way authors wrote and how people felt due to the events of the specific time periods.