Evil In The World

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Portraying Evil in the World The article I picked to show the evil in the world today was about a man named Abner Louima. This man was arrested in 1997 and is suing the state of New York for being beaten in a restroom in the station while being questioned. The sole witness Conelle Lugg, 19, he heard loud screaming and banging noises against the wall of the bathroom while he was in his cell, he then …

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…have become cold and callous, we show no remorse for our actions no matter how bad they are. This article proves that even the people who are supposed to uphold the law, the truly virtuous in which we lay our trust is beyond evil they are downright morbid. There isnít much good left in the world but itís a shame when we let those who would stab us in the back protect us.