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The male versus female power struggle between two character in "Etta johnson," an excerpt from gloria naylor's novel The Woman of brewster place: A novel in seven stories illustrates the conflict of character's expectration. Both etta mae johnson and Rev. morelond woods want different futeres for thier relationship. etta johnson is looking for a long term relationship that involes marriage. Rev. woods want a "now and later relationship that involves having sex now and possibly …

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…commitment. etta's "broken spirit"(333) shower her disappointment of not finding love, commitment and someone who cares for her. Although the two character have different motives, they both gained something from their experience. Rev. woods get what he is seeking , a sexual relationship without commitment. Etta johnson does not get a proposal of marriage, but she does get a reality check resulting inher knowledge of her fate. rev. woods is the benefactor of this power struggle.