Ethics of Living Jim Crow

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The Ethics of Living Jim Crow – My Interpretation The Ethics of Living Jim Crow is an autobiographical account of author Richard Wright’s education in race relations in a totally segregated south. Wright talks about his experiences growing up in the south and the racism he encountered. He attempts to show us what being on the receiving end of racism is really like, and the lessons he learned from them. I believe that Wright’s …

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…had to live. A friend of the author summed it up by saying, “Lawd, man! Ef it wuzn’t fer them polices ‘n’ them ol’ lynch-mobs, there wouldn’t be nothin’ but uproar down here!” (610). With this, I believe, the author has come to the realization that when it comes to racism, the blacks in the south knew about it, received it frequently, and came to accept it and the atrocities that come with it.