Ethics Case of The Killer Robot

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Case Summary Randy Samuels, ex-programmer at Silicon Techtronics, was charged for the manslaughter of Bart Matthews who was killed by Robbie CX30. It was manufactured at Silicon Techtronics and Randy obviously programmed the robot erroneously which caused the robot to kill Bart. The Prosecuting Attorney, Jane McMurdock, found evidence which shows that Randy improperly interpreted the physics formula. The programs specifications do reflect what Randy implemented in the robot. He interchanged and miscalculated the formulas …

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…writing the program was already perfect evidence in of itself. There was no management intervention which made Randy misinterpret the formulas. Hence, the liability of Bart's death is limited and directed towards Randy alone. However, the problem is that there should be protocols within the division that act as "checks and balances". Randy's mistake should have been caught by others. Randy is not solely responsible. In fact, the protocols have been sabotaged by Ray Johnson.