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Ethan Frome “My Cousin Is Cheating On Me with My Maid” is something that you would expect to see at the beginning of “The Jerry Springer Show,” not in early American literature. But as I have seen in the movie “Ethan Frome,” it is possible for this situation to occur in colonial America. The main characters, Ethan, Zena, and Mattie, each have major character flaws, but in this essay, I will focus on Ethan. Ethan …

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…hill. Mattie says that she never wanted to leave the hiss, so together they slid down the hill and into a tree, trying to commit suicide. In my opinion, this was rather stupid when they had a bottle full of poison in the barn. In this paper I have demonstrated four character flaws of Ethan Frome. There in include being weak willed, adulterous, immature, and suicidal. This movie definitely belongs in the “Jerry Springer” archives.