Ethan Frome and Jay Gatsby

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In the novels Ethan Frome and The Great Gatsby, there are psychological characteristic similarities seen in the characters Ethan Frome and Jay Gatsby. These similarities include chasing love for wrong reasons and having the desire for someone you can not have and they are exemplified in their day to day lives. Both Jay and Ethan suffer from a great loneliness, emptiness, their dreams in which can never come true. They both destroy themselves in the …

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…In the end, Gatsby is destroyed by his illusions of the American Dream of wealth, beauty, and happiness. In conclusion, Ethan Frome and Jay Gatsby share psychological characteristic similarities. Both seek desire for all of the wrong reasons. They shame themselves because they are never recognized by anyone, especially the people they desire most. In the end they live in loneliness and emptiness, with nothing to show for all of their work for their dreams.