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Ethan Frome is lead by desire however controlled by duty. Ethan is a self-contradicting character. Ethan is firm and strong, however Ethan is also feeble and weak. Ethan desires Mattie however he is bound to his duty as a husband and tradition to Zeena. Ethan is strong in that he sticks to his duty, but Ethan shows his weakness when he is manipulated by Zeena. I find the season of winter to be a symbol …

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…and attempted suicide, however this foolish act only lead to a life of even worse proportions. They say that if you give a man the necessary tools and supplies, a man will build himself a trap. This trap that is made is made unconsciously, therefore, since this trap is made unconsciously, it cannot be escaped; the solution cannot be found. The only solution that will suffice is to live with this trap, sadly, for life.