Ethan Frome --- Contrast between film and novel

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Many novels are being made into films nowadays, resulting in media exposure and perhaps an increased amount of readers for the novel. However, the film seldom shows the true essence of the book, and can result in a misleading view of the novel. In the case of “Ethan Frome”, the movie has sought to capture the haunting tragedy as it was portrayed in the novel by its author, Edith Wharton. The movie starts with the …

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…are just as shocked as the pastor who sees the elderly Zeena caring for a sickly-looking Mattie. A immense of tragedy and loss is left with viewers at this last scene. This is similar to the way it is portrayed in the novel where readers instantly feel an immense sense of commiseration and irony as the fate of the three ill-fated characters are described, and eventually summarized as a scene that would “break your heart”.