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Character Analyses- Ethan In Edith Whartonís Ethan Frome, the title character, Ethan, is man of 28 stuck in a tedious marriage with a woman that he does not truly love. However, Ethanís character and the morals of the day prevent him from leaving his wife for a woman who he is in love with. This says a lot about Ethanís character. Not only is he very loyal, caring, and honest, but his morals …

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…didnít try to deny his love from himself, but admitted it. Ethan is a very complex person. His feelings and emotions are not as strong as his integrity and morals. In this day and age, it may seem odd, but in that time, a person had more respect for themselves and the well-being of others, and if their feelings got in the way, then their feelings would just have to take the back burner.