Essay on theories behind and Motivation techniques, including the Herzberg Theory, etc as applied to an organization. Word count: 1805

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Introduction Over the years, numerous theories have been proposed attempting to capture the various sources of motivation energizing individual behavior. These theories all propose a limited set of motivational sources, some arranged in a hierarchy, other viewed as developmental stages and still others theorizing no basic process of transition from one source to another. In this document, our group will describe the different theories on employee motivation and describe how our chosen organization, Xxx, modeled …

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…own" the result. As upper control limits and milestones are achieved for benchmarked processes, the employees are given newer challenges or additional responsibilities with opportunities for career advancement. Advancement. Xxx takes great pride in employee loyalty and is committed to rewarding extraordinary performance with career advancement. Also, part of the employee benefit package that Xxx offers allow employees to pursue further education which will make them more valuable to the organization and more fulfilled professionally.