Essay on The Shining Houses by Alice Munroe

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A Shining Reason To Hope There is a reason to hope in all literature. Hope can be defined as something which one longs to see realized, or in other words, any form of optimism, with a belief of a positive outcome. Hope in a piece of literature verifies a level of goodness in the world, which can be illustrated many different ways by an author. "The Shining Houses" by Alice Munro is an auspicious example …

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…world. Hope gives anyone a reason to believe, and in a piece of literature, this reason to believe creates a warm, positive mood. Hope is one of the highest levels of optimism, and along with being present in every piece of literature, hope is also present in everyone's life. Hope allows one to truly believe in the goodness of humankind, which results in true optimism, and a better quality of life for the true believers.