Essay on James Joyce's The Dubliners

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Maria and Little Chandler are characters who have life goals, however, due to their inadequate personalities these goals are impossible. They are rather weak and helpless people which is only enhanced through their childlike appearances and mannerisms. Their inadequacy to deal with life is a major obstacle in achieving their goals: Mariaís hidden goal being marriage/love and Little Chandlerís goal being to become a successful poet. This infantile inadequacy is physically and …

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…their consistent feelings of shyness and timidity and through their reactions to marriage. The major difference between Little Chandlerís inability to correctly deal with life and that of Maria is their outward action. Little Chandler shows through his mannerisms his inadequacy while Maria only shows hers through her mindset not making it public. Maria does not generally truly believe herself inadequate. However, through much of her behavior it seems that at times she does.