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In Jack Hodgins latest novel, Broken Ground, the inhabitants of the small forest community of Portuguese Creek are deeply affected by its extreme conditions. Matthew Pearson, a local farmer and former soldier, has his life utterly transformed from living in Portuguese Creek. For Tanner Pearson, Matthew's ten year old son, living in Portuguese Creek has nothing but negative consequences. Lastly, Charlie MacKintosh, Tanner's friend, is adversely affected by his time spent in the harsh wilderness …

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…of his life in the forested settlement, and channels them into positive achievements. The cruel environment that Portuguese Creek has to offer changes the lives of all those who are around it. Even though each resident of the settlement is affected differently, the one constant is that their lives are forever altered by the wild land. Bibliography Hodgins, Jack. Broken Ground. Copyright (c) 1998 by Jack Hodgins, Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Dada, Vancouver, Britich Columbia, Canada.