Essay describing the use of religious aspects in the book "East of Eden" by John Steinebck; uses "timshel" and the story of Cain and Abel; shows different aspects of the characters using these stories

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"He who has never envied the vegetable has missed the human drama," E.M. Cioran. Human character can be described as sensitive, charismatic, cunning, evil, and even animalistic. There are many instances in Steinbeck's East of Eden when the characters' actions are interpreted using Biblical stories or situations. In John Steinbeck's novel, East of Eden, his incorporation of Biblical stories aides in his scrutiny and interpretation of human nature. By using the story of Cain …

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…In East of Eden, however, it is most prominently used to scrutinize that human character. Through the story of Cain and Abel and the interpretation of timshel, Steinbeck explores human drama rather thoroughly. He shows how people change in different situations, and uses the Bible to looks at these changes in a different light. Steinbeck's use of the Cain and Abel story and Lee's newfound interpretation of timshel add great depth to the characters' actions.