Ergonomics on furniture design

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1.Introduction. Ergonomics may be defined as the generation and application, particularly of experimental psychological data and capabilities. It is a study of the office environment to allow employees to work productively. Ergonomically designed work environment that takes into consideration both psychological and physical needs increases job satisfaction and prevents injuries. Organization became aware of the high cost associated with injuries therefore; ergonomic furniture and equipment became an important issue in the work place. Ergonomic furniture …

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…environment, there are many aspects that must be considered. Like adjustable furniture is an absolute must to allow for the difference in operators stature; a light dimmer system helps to reduce glare and eye strain; flexible ergonomic chairs that insist on a correct posture to reduce back and neck complaints. All such systems are likely to improve operators' morale and increase productivity levels. Sick days will undoubtedly decline and their enthusiasm will begin to climb.