Erectile Dysfunctions

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ERECTILE DYSFUNCTIONS Erection problems are estimated to effect more than ten million American men. At some point in a males life, they are likely to have this problem, ranging from maybe one or two times, or as severe as impotence. Studies have shown that men 18-24 have a low percentage of erectional difficulties, but there is a high percentage of men 51-60 that have this problem. Yet age is not the only factor for this …

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…are available to men with erectional dysfunctions, and it is not a permanent life-threatening event in most cases. Bibliography Bibliography Golgberg, Herb Ph.D, The Inner Male. Nal, New York. 1987. Gray, John Ph.D., Mars and Venus in the Bedroom. Haper- Collins, New York. 1995. Hyde, Janet Shibley and DeLamater, John D., Understand- ing Human Sexuality. McGraw-Hill, Boston. 2000. Playboy Magazine, Antidepressants and Impotence. December, 1995. Westheimer, Dr. Ruth, Dr. Ruth’s Encyclopedia of Sex. Contuinum, New York. 1994.