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The play Equus is about a young boy who viciously blinds six horses with a metal spike in a stable and the psychiatrist, Martin Dysart, who investigates the boy’s mental state. It is a very complex, multileveled story, with many relationships effecting Allen’s (the stabber) behavior. The relationship between Alan and Equus is a very complex one. His worship for the horse comes from his mother’s beliefs in God. She is very …

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…he has committed a grave sin and the horses were the witnesses. Blinding them was his attempt to cover up his actions. His ‘sin’ makes him a failure in the horse’s eyes, unfortunately he is a failure in his own eyes as well. This is why Alan’s last words in the play were ‘Find me… Find me… Kill me…Kill me’ (pg. 106). He really was tormented by guilt and wanted to die himself.