Enzymatic Activity.

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Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to observe how changes in pH temperature, substrate concentration, and enzyme concentration affect the enzymatic activity of catecholase. Catecholase is an enzyme contained in some fruits and vegetables. The brown color of fruits and vegetables is the reaction of catecholase when exposed to oxygen (Helms). The reacting molecule in an enzymatic reaction is called a substrate. Another purpose of this experiment is to determine the maximum velocity and …

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…enzyme's maximum velocity was 24 and will no longer increase. Bibliography Campbell, Neil., Jane Reece., and Lawrence G. Mitchell. 2002. Biology, 6th edition. Don O' Neil ed. Benjamin Cummings Publishing, Menlo Park, California. Pp. 300-340. Helms, Doris., Carl Helms., Barbara Speziale. 1998. Biology in th Laboratory, 3rd edition. Judith Wilson. Ed. Freeman Publishing, New York, New York. Pp 9-1 - 9-8. Safra, Jacob E., Ilan Yeshua. 2003. Britannica Encyclopedia. William Benton. Ed. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., New York, New York.