Environmental ethical dilemna

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The dilemma I am faced with is that I overheard the Vice President ask the Company's environmental consultant for advice on how to dump toxic production wastes into a holding pond on the Company's property. I am the Vice President's assistance and basically run the company. I ask myself three questions in regards to the information I overhear. First I ask if I recognize any breaches of ethics by the parties. Second, I ask what …

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…to an embarrassing investigation and possibly substantial fines. If the violation and penalties are bad enough, some people could lose their jobs, or the corporation may be forced to declare bankruptcy. References Corley, R. N., Morehead, J. W., Reed, O. L., & Shedd, P. J. (2001). The legal and regulatory environment of business (11th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill Primis Dawkins, M. T., Wilson C. T. (1997). Avoiding criminal liability under environmental law. Mississippi Business Journal, 19(13), 8-10.