Enron and what went wrong,the accounting, the ceo's, and the retirement plans of thousands

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Enron Imagine having all your money for your retirement plan gone, your money for vacations and grandchildren all gone. You thought it'd never happen, but it did, and how your top executives are making off with millions as your company goes bankrupt. Did executives and accountants destroy Enron? Enron with 21,000 employees and international offices around the globe was the seventh largest company in America. It grew to power by selling gas and electricity to homes …

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…how companies can control their employees (401) k plans. Also it's very hard to get into a company and try to check out how the company works especially when its international like Enron. Most often the person to blame is the bookkeeper, but that's not always true. For instance if the executives tell the bookkeeper to lie, and yes there is another Enron type bankruptcy, Boston Chicken, but I'll save that topic for my next report.