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There are a number of profound reasons that caused the French Revolution. Prevailing reasons include social inequality, economic downfall, and the introduction of new ideals into society. This introduction of new, radical ideals is what is known to historians as the Enlightenment. Enlightenment ideals provided a major foundation of motivation for change in France. These ideals stimulated absolute monarchs to apply reason to statecraft, a search for useful reforms, as well as a philosophe-shaped public …

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…cause. As history has suggested, the provincial Estate claimed their identity and stripped the Elite's class position. Absolute monarchy went to a constitutional monarchy which then preceded to a dictatorship and on to a Republic, all due to a Revolution caused in major part by Enlightened ideals. Bibliography Essay written from lectures given by Mr. P.J. O'Conner. AP U.S. History IB Teacher at Stanton College Preparatory High School, 1149 W. 13th Street, Jax., FL, 32209