English translation to the 1st and 2nd song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Fantasy' CD.

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Track 1: Love Before A.D. The ancient king of Babylon established the Hammurabi code Carved upon a black stone monument, till now over 3700 years have passed You stood before the display window, and stared at the words on the stone tablet While I stood at the side admiring that face of yours I have always loved Priests, temples, battles, bows and arrows, whose past were these I liked it when your eyes were fixed on …

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…Mom's always telling me to be good~Listen to your dad. How can you tell me to be like you? Stop hitting my mom. Will you listen to me? Stop hitting my mom. Doesn't your hand hurt? 12345678 12345678 I call you Dad, you hit my Mom. Is that right? Why be like that? Why let alcohol drag your nose away? ~Blinded~You won't even listen to me. Listen! Pain is us who are in pain. Pain!