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The Winter's Tale In a court of Sicily, Lord Archidamus of Bohemia invites Lord Camillo of Sicilia to visit Bohemia when he can. They also speak how King Leontes' son Mamillius will someday be king. Next, the king of Bohemia, Polixenes, says goodbye to the king and queen of Sicilia, Leontes and Hermione, although they beg him to stay and enjoy himself more in Sicilia. Polixenes reminisces with Hermione how he and Leontes had been …

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…to Paulina's house to celebrate the wedding and see the "statue" of Hermione. Leontes, upon seeing the "statue", asks why it has wrinkles, but Paulina explains that the carver meant it so. After much amazement, Paulina promises to make the "statue" move and take Leontes hand. Finally, Hermione speaks and admits she has hid for 16 years in Paulina's house. Leontes then declares that Camillo should marry Paulina who is now widowed. All depart in happiness.