English Language and Literature in the Middle Ages

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English Language and Literature in the Middle Ages English Society of the Middle Ages saw many developments and new trends, but none so plainly as the developments witnessed in the Language and Literature of that time. It began with the Norman Conquest: eloquent french words substituted for the “harsh” saxon equivalents, primarily in the upper levels of society. Literature began to reflect these changes in the language, and continued to evolve throughout the Renissance. Together, …

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…printing of many of the famous works of Middle Age authors, including Sir Thomas Malory’s Le morte d'Arthur. Therefore, it is readily appearent that the Middle Ages of English history was a crucial time in the development of the English language and the literature to follow. Without such developments witnessed in the works of Chaucer, Wycliffe, and Malory, the literature that followed, such as the works of William Shakespeare, would not have been possible.