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Emma Austen, Jane. Emma. New York: Bantam Books, 1981. Emma takes place in Hartfield, which is a part of Highbury, England. Highbury was a large and populous village, but Hartfield was much quieter and secluded. The story is in a time where you only married people of your own social status. Therefore, the story probably takes place in the Eighteenth century but there is no direct reference to the time at which the story takes place. …

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…and they all live happily ever after. In conclusion, Emma appears to be a novel about the affections of love and one’s struggle to find a mate for life. However, another theme jointly exists with the previously mentioned motif, which is Emma’s, the heroine’s, struggle with her self-deception. This is great novel because you learn that love is natural thing. You do not chose who to love, or who not to love.