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Throughout The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot uses nature with negative undertones to convey to his reader the ideas and feelings he had about World War I. He uses the four elements to discuss the driving force of life which is rebirth. Eliot sates, "Under the brown fog of a winter dawn"(1860,ln.60), in which he is trying to show the reader a dark and dreary atmosphere. Eliot takes the element earth and says, "Breeding …

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…in this quote, with visions of sexual overtones held throughout. Both authors use the idea of nature throughout the discussed works, but handle them in different tones. Eliot seem to find resolve in a darker and gloomier approach to nature and its relationship with life. One reason may be that Baudelaire did not see the fruits of the a Great War as Eliot witnessed, and had a much happier outllok on life at least comparatively.