Electromagnetism: Physics, science 1 investigation.

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Introduction The term magnet is defined as, an object made of a ferromagnetic material such as iron, with domains that are aligned one way. Thus, it has poles and a magnetic field around it. Magnets or electromagnets whose effect can be switched on and off are used in many electric machines. When any current flows, it produces a magnetic field. Were it not for the Earth's magnetic field, all life on the planet would be …

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…that if the number of coils is doubled, then the mass of the panel pins lifted, will also double, i.e. 5 coils will enable a lift of X grams of panel pins; 10 coils will enable a lift of 2X grams of panel pins; and 15 coils will enable a lift of 3X grams of panel pins. Hence, an iron bar with a solenoid of N coils will lift a mass of NX grams of panel pins.