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Eliduc In 2000 Sarah DeMoranville Prof. Gardner Ancient World Ren. Love in 20th century is entirely different from when Marie De France lived. In her time, she wrote a sweet story of two women who love the same man, Eliduc. He leaves his wife, Guildeluec to go fight in another country even though she is devastated by his decision. During his excursion he ends up with a younger woman named Guilliadun. The two fall madly in …

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…In addition, the moralistic values are sinking deeper and deeper as the years pass. Even the president of the United States lowers his standards by lying and committing adultery; and hes the head of our nation! Unfortunately our society has little control for such a chaotic environment. Shamefully, people perpetrate these misdeeds. In reality, the tale of Eliduc 2000, is a conceivable scenario we could end up reading over breakfast some morning . Bibliography N/A